Horseradish Vodka, 80 Proof, 750 ml

$ 40.14

Water can split a rock over time, as can a mason with wedges and shims—but ancient miners used fire to crack open boulders and reveal the treasures within. We handcraft SPLIT ROCK ORGANIC HORSERADISH VODKA from premium natural ingredients with the same intent: to carve out clear, clean flavors with a carefully calibrated—and absolutely addictive—burst of heat.

Made from Scratch - Mashed, Fermented, Distilled, Barreled, Filtered, Proofed, Bottled and Labeled completely by hand at Split Rock Distilling in Newcastle, Maine.

  • 80 Proof
  • 100% Corn Mash Bill
  • Infused with Maine Organic Horseradish
  • 3x Distilled
  • Certified USDA Organic by MOFGA
  • 100% Made in Newcastle, Maine

If you would like to buy this spirit and have it shipped to you directly, please follow this link "For Whiskey Lovers" website (CLICK HERE). This third party website is who we have partnered with to ship outside of Maine.